Gamarjobat Asia Tour 2018 @WOW KL Kuala Lumpur

Gamarjobat Asia Tour 2018 @WOW KL Kuala Lumpur
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World renowned non-verbal comedy duo ‘Gamarjobat’ are coming back with their Asia Tour, which features 50% New Material!

Gamarjobat’s brand of fun is so infectious it should come with a health warning! Their work is an ingeniously packaged mixture of clever, free-flowing mime and gentle acrobatics all wrapped up with a generous helping of wonderfully tongue-in-cheek humour. Their highly-acclaimed performances transcend all language and cultural barriers. Words are not necessary as the pair communicate effortlessly with an audience who understands every action.

These hilarious performers will have audiences of all ages fascinated with thoroughly-plotted acts and explosive energy without saying a word.

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Tour details:

City: Kuala Lumpur
When: 17 March 2018 (Saturday)
Time:  8.00PM 
Venue: WOW KL 
Language: Non-verbal
Age Limit: 3 years and above