CEO Of Cool People


Visionary, quirky workaholic with a dash of madness (which he thinks makes him special), Rizal is our head honcho. Self-titled as CEO of Cool People, Rizal founded the company when he saw that Malaysians need to laugh more, like a LOT more. Besides the incredible work he does in the company, we sometimes miss having him around as he parades himself in magazines – M2 Men of The Year, Prestige Top 40 under 40, Clive Leading Men, Creative Pioneer Award, Augustman A-Lister and so forth.

Plus he’s the founding member of ALIFE – a live events association, and he does speaking engagements (not stand-up) at conferences. Busy guy, so don’t disturb him too much ok. We need his attention too.

“So, the goal this week is…”

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